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Welcome to B.O.T. Aircraft Ltd.

We all have one great passion, the aviation. Among all the possibilities to get in the air, we believe that flying an ultra light airplane is something very special. Indeed, the sensation of flying is much stronger and intense with an ultra light compared to an echo-class aircraft. Due to the light mass, corrections or control commands are responded much faster and directly, giving the sensation of really flying. Less technical, flying an ultra light aircraft is more a matter of instinctive flying. Nevertheless, modern ultra light aircraft like the SC07 Speed Cruiser are very well equipped, especially regarding the active and passive security. All SC07 are delivered with a rescue system, so called "second chance". This is a parachute system attached to the aircraft, which may be pulled out by a rocket in a case of an emergency and capable to save all passengers.Speed Cruiser

B.O.T. Aircraft took the assignment to develop and to produce a most modern ultra light aircraft. Below the most important characteristics of the SC07:

• Fast with long range
• Suitable for beginners and save
• Large cabin and a good view
• Advantage price and cheap maintenance


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