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13.04.2015 - Glider simulator - We developed in cooperation with the glider flight school Oerlinghausen a new and most probably worldwide unique simulator for gliders. The flight school, one of the biggest in Europe, has great experience and knowledge in regard of pilot training and are most competent to draw the requirements of such a simulator. With their help we created a very useful tool raising the training of future pilots to a totally new level.

Another client, a flight school in Belgium, is using our Ultra-Light simulator to train pilots since beginning of 2014 with great success. Their experience is a proof that using our simulator as a training tool is possible and enables to bring a pilot using almost only the simulator to a level which enables them to get their licence. For example; one trainee made 18,5 hours on the simulator and one hour on a real airplane, and then he passed his licence. Even more, 3 weeks later he had an engine failure problem (loss of power) and he managed this situation like an old trump. With the routine of a pilot having trained this situation, he checked out all possibilities, find out that there can’t be done anything, figured out his loss of altitude and found that he should be able to reach the airfield under certain circumstances. He set the airplane to the required configuration and landed safely on the airfield. This was only because he trained such a situation in the simulator a few weeks earlier. It is clear that a normal pilot trainee couldn’t be trained for such situation on a real airplane. This shows that using a simulator on a “non-professional” field is absolutely justifiable.

Coming back to the glider simulator: With our glider simulator one can simulate towing by winches or by airplane; and this without taking care of the weather conditions or day time. Of course it is also easy to train emergency situations or simply let the trainee land a few times in less than 5 minutes, creating a great learning effect. The landscape is so good that a terrestrial navigation is possible and the future pilots are getting familiar with the terrain around the airfield. Of course one can use thermal effects to climb; and thousand more things. Since this glider is equipped with two seats, it is possible to train also instructors.

Please visit us at the booth (A1-500) of the glider flight school Oerlinghausen. There you will see the new glider simulator mounted on the new 3DOF platform and our Ultra-Light simulator (without motion) equipped with the new visual.


01.06.2014 - AERO 2014 – Successful exposition – We had the possibility to show during the AERO 2014 our new SC07 Speed Cruiser, for which we received in November 2013 the German certification. As a special feature we presented the new additional fin which is designed to give higher stability around the vertical axe. With an empty weight starting from 285kg (including radio, transponder and depending of the selected equipment) we are ready to satisfy the needs and demands of most ultra-light pilots. And this, we have to precise, with an aircraft able to be flown with a MTOW of 600kg under the LSA rules.

This year we had the pleasure to present our actual general aviation simulator. Our target was to include all the demands and requirements given to us during the AERO 2013. Now you will find in our simulator all main controls and equipment you may expect in a general aviation aircraft. One of the highlights was surely the visualisation. The quality and the ultra-high definition are unique and is available only in combination with one of our simulators.

Beside of our full motion simulator we could also show a fixed version, but with a luxury interior in leather as well as a instrumental panel equipped with a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit.

Another highlight was Gary Clark as a special guest on our booth, who is a worldwide known illustrator of comic strip. Especially his character “Dick Duck – the worst pilot the world” is well known in the aviation world. Gary Clark was during the entire air show, illustrating live single comic strips with contents related to our SC07 Speed Cruiser and our simulator.

We would like to thank all visitors for being passed by at our booth and for your interest.


12.05.2013 - Miscellaneous - First of all we would like to thanks the numerous visitors for have been on our booth. We could register a clear acceptance of the LF26 from D-MOTOR. The engine producer, as well as ourselves as aircraft producer registered a high interest on the engine and on the SC07 Speed Cruiser equipped with the LF26. We are, in the coming weeks, fully booked for test flights with potential customers, all without exception wish to fly the SC07 equipped with the D-MOTOR.

As a world premiere the LF39, a logical "second step" from D-MOTOR, was presented to the public. It is designed in the same way as the LF26, but with 6 cylinders, a displacement of almost 4 litres, 300 Nm torque and a power of 130 HP. And all that with a incredible low weight. Given this, the LF39 fits even under the cowling of the SC07 Speed Cruiser and we can't wait to test it. 4 litre displacement on 6 cylinders and still an ultra-light .... sometimes size still matters.

With our new light aircraft (285kgs including rescue system, Radio and Transponder) we finally reached our target.

A further highlight was our modified simulator. Frank Willfeld, Klemens Klein and Mario Donat, our sells team for Switzerland, Austria and Germany (except northern Germany) jointed the team almost in the last second and performed test flights during the entire air show. Together with them we managed to present an absolutely realistic flight simulator. Especially Frank Willfeld, who invested around 70 hours work to create a realistic flight model of our SC07 Speed Cruiser, made that possible Step by step he discovered the SC07 Speed Cruiser by using the virtual aircraft, an aircraft he never flown in real. According to his experiences and reports we are convinced that the virtual SC07 flies almost 100% like the original. Especially the sceneries created by Frank were astonishing and surprised a lot of visitors. By the way, the simulator is available with the nice sound of the LF26 and soon we will make a little step in the future and present the simulator with the sound of the coming 6 cylinder.


14.04.2013 - B.O.T. Aircraft and D-Motor are happy to welcome you at the AERO - The AERO 2013 in Friedrichshafen, Germany - which is hold from 24th till 27th April 2013 - is about to open their doors. We are very happy to be able to show you a very interesting stand. D-MOTOR will most probably present its new 6 cylinder engine (world premiere) and B.O.T. will show its new SC07 Speed Cruiser and its serial Simulator with brand new technique on our booth 310 in the hall B2.


06.08.2012 - Successful presentation - The air show in Oshkosh was worth to be seen and very impressive. The team of Renegade did a very good job by presenting their newest model effect fully to the interested public. The exposed D-Motor raised great expectations and the visitors shown big interest in that innovative and powerful new engine. It is sure that the American pilots are waiting for it's marketing start impatiently. Especially the Speed Cruiser in combination with the D-Motor is surely a very attractive packages due to its exceptional payload capacity.


03.07.2012 - SC07 goes USA - A few days ago we send the first SC07 Speed Cruiser to the USA in order to expose it at the AirVenture 2012 in Oshkosh together with our representative Christopher "Doc" Bailey from Renegade Lightsport. We are looking forward to meet you there.


01.05.2012 - Successful presentation at the AERO 2012 - First of all we would like to thanks all the exceptional numerous visitors who came to our booth. Beside of the new SC07 Speed Cruiser and our partner D-Motor, who presented his new version of the 2.7 litre engine with 90 HP and his coming 6 cylinder engine with 120 HP, our new flight simulator was particularly attractive. Even though our flight simulator was just "almost finished" prototype we received a lot of compliments and few simulators could be sold.


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16.04.2012 - B.O.T. Aircraft with exciting news at the AERO 2012 - The AERO 2012 (Booth B2-219) is our chance to present you the new lighter SC07 Speed Cruiser. Of course we have also this year an interesting package to offer. Further we will present you the brand new double seated flight simulator, with 3 degrees of freedom, a world first presentation. We are looking forward to see you.


22.04.2011 - Successful presentation - We would like, first of all, to thanks all visitors for their great interest. We could, with joy, present our new lighter SC07 Speed Cruiser with the new D-Motor. Due to the new lighter fuselage and the very light D-Motor we could show our aircraft with fantastic 275kg including rescue system and minimum flyable configuration. Still this month we will start with the German certification procedure of the D-Motor (2,6 Litre 4 stroke MOGAS engine with 4 cylinders, electronic injection, 80Hp, direct drive without reduction gear). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


31.03.2011 - B.O.T. Aircraft and the team is looking forward to meat you - The AERO 2011 in Friedrichshafen - from 13th till 16th April 2011 - is coming very soon and we are curious to all the new developments which will be presented. We will be present as well with our SC07 Speed Cruiser and we have a surprise to show. Our new model equipped with a light and modern engine as well as with the new light fuselage is waiting for you on our stand 215 in the hall B2. Further we are able to give our visitors an attractive offer. Please ask for some more information at our booth.


23.08.2010 - B.O.T. present in Tannheim and Magdeburg - The Fly-In in Tannheim, held from 27th till 28th August (more info under, so called Tannkosh, is always worth a visit. Also this year we will be present. We are looking forward to meet you there.

On 4th and 5th September we will be present at an other important German exhibition, the AIR MAGDEBURG, on which we will present our SC07 Speed Cruiser.

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18.04.2010 - AERO 2010 - The team of the B.O.T. Aircraft AG would like to thanks all visitors for their interest. We were positively surprised about the reaction to our general concept and the SC07 Speed Cruiser, which seems to satisfy the taste of the pilots. Many interested visitors did already make an appointment for a test flight in Oerlinghausen and will most probably be able to take profit from our attractive AERO offer.


18.03.2010 - AERO 2010 from 8th – 11th April 2010 – Meet us at the AERO 2010 in Friedrichshafen (Hall B3 - Booth 221).

Also this year B.O.T. Aircraft will be represented at AERO in Friedrichshafen and will show the SC07 Speed Cruiser in its serial version. We are look forward to welcome you. As a special offer we will give 5% discounts on all sells conclude at the AERO.

New price – Due to higher production costs (higher prices of production goods) we are unfortunately obliged to increase the selling a price a little. The SC07 Speed Cruiser in its standard equipment will cost, starting from April 2010, including the rescue system, wheels and breaks from Beringer, individually designed instrumental panel, colours at your choice for the interior, full set of instruments, 100 HP ROTAX, carbon propeller, etc. 69500 Euro without VAT.


25.11.2009 – Certificate of Airworthiness accorded – B.O.T. Aircraft is working since beginning 2007 on the project SC07 Speed Cruiser. During this time we had big setbacks, unexpected difficulties, technical challenges and many delays for miscellaneous reasons. But we are also looking back on a period with surprising positive aspects, such as the unexpected good flying behaviour of the SC07 for example.

For us it seemed an endless time, others were surprised, that it took us only about six months since presentation of the first documents till receiving the final certificate. During that period we accomplished the entire test flight program. This enclosed about 200 hours of test flight and more than 350 landings at almost any imaginable weather conditions, in order to improve the handling, flight behaviour and safety of the SC07 Speed Cruiser. Improvements, which will be all integrated in the serial models.

All in all, this time was a great adventure for the whole team. At this state is time for us to thank so Anno Mentzel ( for the great support and the German authorities, the DAeC ( for the perfect co-operation.

In this regard, we are looking forward and will now put all our efforts into the object to bring as much as possible of those pretty little aircraft into the air, so that many pilots may feel what can’t real be described by words: “Flying a SC07 Speed Cruiser”.



23.07.2009 - Market information - Final count down for the Danish 0% VAT - The time is running out for the existing "Danish Route". The 0% VAT rate in Denmark ends December 31st 2009. There is however a transitional rule allowing deliveries to take place until 30th June 2010, if the contract was signed and confirmed within 2009.


22.06.2009 – Already more than 66 hours of flight time realised! - Since our maiden flight on 7th May 2009, we have already accumulated more than 66 hours of flight time. To achieve the German Certificate of Airworthiness 100 hours of flight time are mandatory. After our test pilots made all necessary settings, the SC07 Speed Cruiser revealed its nature as a true cruiser. The available space in the cabin and the excellent view helps to make the pilot and passenger feel immediately comfortable. The well equilibrated flying behaviour and the extremely easy handling at landing make the SC07 Speed Cruiser an ideal aircraft even for beginners, travelling and pilot training.

Picture: Jochen Ewald -


08.05.2009 - The SC07 Speed Cruiser made his maiden flight The entire team of B.O.T. Aircraft is excited to announce that our prototype got air borne on 7th May 2009. The two pilots, Gerd and Jürgen, reported that the aircraft is very easy to handle and to land. Our expectations were more than fulfilled.

The yearly airfield party at Oerlinghausen is held at Pentecost (from 31st May till 1st July) and as a part of the program the SC07 Speed Cruiser will make a flight demonstration. It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you there and to let you participate in the celebration after more than two years of intense development time.


27.03.2009 - We got it at last – The Provisional Certificate of Airworthiness now accorded! - The entire team of the B.O.T. Aircraft is happy about the freshly accorded PCA (Provisional Certificate of Airworthiness) for the SC07 Speed Cruiser by the German authorities. This is up to now the most important milestone after long and hard development time and testing processes. Soon we may start with the test flights. We will keep you informed and show some pictures from the test flight on our web site as soon as available.


30.01.2009 – Aero 2009 (from 2nd to 5th April) – This year we are exceptionally happy to meet you at probably the most important European air show, AERO 2009 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. You will find us at the both 423 ‑ hall B3. 

Official market launch at the AERO 2009 – In the past we decided to wait with the market launch of the SC07 Speed Cruiser until we had received the preliminary flight permission from the German authorities. For us the AERO 2009 comes at the right time, as we will be able to celebrate the official market launch during the air show, provided we have the preliminary flight permission in hand.
As a special attraction, we will be able give to all buyers a discount of 5%. This discount is valid for all contracts signed from now on until the 5th April 2009. All customers, who have signed the contract without being able to make a test flight, may resign from the contract without any penalty, if the test flight wasn’t satisfactory.
Please note, that the deliveries will be in the same order as the contracts are signed. If you have any question please contact our representatives.


21.01.2009 – SC07 Speed Cruiser tested until 600kg – We are aware of the fact, that we are delayed, but safety comes first and we think the time spent has been worthwhile.

The delay was no waist of time – On one side the German authorities tightened the rules for registration as there have been a few incidences with ultra light aircraft involved in the past. On the other side, we had the wish to apply for registration of the SC07 Speed Cruiser, not only for 472.5kg, but also for higher take off weights. This confronted our aircraft with severe static test.

For the wings alone, we have calculated 160 different cases of loads. The static test was performed for each desired take off weight (472.5kg ULM / 517kg ULM with floats / 600 kg LSA or ELA1), based on +/-4.0G plus loads due to gust of wind, with a factor of 100%, 150%, 175% and 190%. The effective loads amounts to +/-8.25G, which is tremendous.

Our original wing could not perform the static test under these charges, but failed at a load of 175% at 472.5kg take off weight. In co-operation with Anno Mentzel (He is the aeronautical engineer assigned to our registration) and his colleagues from Airbus, we have reinforced the wing. The new wing has been tested with a load of 190% according to the LSA take off weight. As the LSA rules are a little different from the German ultra light rules, the basic load is 3.8G plus loads due to gust of wind. The 190% load for a take off weight of 600kg corresponds to a load of +/-10G at 472.5kg take off weight.

New Vc of 201km/h – Vc is the maximum airspeed allowed in rough air (the end of the green arch on the airspeed indicator). During the development of SC07 Speed Cruiser we always wanted to ensure the highest possible safety, an easy handling and the capability to use it for pilot training. But above all, we wanted to build an aircraft for long distance travelling. What would be the sense of an aircraft able to fly at 235km/h, having a 95 litre fuel tank, but a Vc of 156km/h (as it was the case for the former construction). We all know by experience that calm air is very rare.

Preliminary flight permission in view – We should receive the preliminary flight permission soon. Right now our prototype presented on 21st September 2008 is being prepared for flight. As soon as we are airborne we will let you know right here on our web site.


17.09.08 - Roll Out – Finally it becomes reality. After almost two years of hard work, the SC07 Speed Cruiser will be presented to the public on 21st September, at 2.00 PM, in Oerlinghausen, Robert-Kronfeld Strasse 2. The whole team is happy to welcome you to this event.

First weighing showed an empty weight of 284kgs (including the rescue system and without tricks). This excellent weight was reached by using consequently light weight technology and high end products. After the roll-out you will find numerous pictures of the brand new Speed Cruiser in our gallery.

This November we should have the VVZ (Preliminary flight permission) in hand. Starting from that time, the Speed Cruiser may proof its skills in flight. In case you would like to visit us in Oerlinghausen, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Ostermeier under: +49 5202 9247241 for making an appointment.

As mentioned earlier, we use exclusively high end products to reach this high quality and extremely low weight. For that reason we have to adapt our selling price starting from 2009. Benefit now from the current price level and order your SC07 Speed Cruiser until the end of this year. Like this you may enjoy the actual preferential price level. Please note, that this offer is only valid for a certain number of units till our capacity is used up.


13.02.08 - Seeking for new importer -Actually we are looking for new importer for several different European countries. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact us under

08.01.08 - New Importer for Denmark - We are pleased to welcome the importer for Denmark. The new representative for all B.O.T. products is Dan Jensen, himself an enthusiastic pilot in the Eastjudland UL Flyer Club. The Danish UL rules are very restricted and severe. Actually we are working together with Dan on the SC07 Speed Cruiser to reach the Danish requirements. We keep you informed.
Jürgen Ostermeier finished the developments on the new engine mount and exhaust system, as well as on the new front gear. He also redesigned the cowling. Thibaud Berlinmont is actually producing the first pre-serial SC07, showing the new developments as well as a bigger wind shield.


04.06.07 - Established producer found - As mentioned earlier, our main goal is to produce a save and high quality aircraft. To reach this goal, it would have been a wrong way to install a new production site for the composite parts. For this reason we searched and finally found an experienced producer. This company is certified according to JAR21 and is specialised since more than 10 years in the production of composite aircraft. Thibaud Berlinmont, who is in charge of composite parts, will be more or less permanently at the producers factory in order to secure the quality. At same time he will work on future developments.
We are very happy to have such an experienced partner and are today much closer to our goal. The assembly, finish and delivery will still be made in Oerlinghausen under the control of Jürgen Ostermeier, who is actually working on the German certification, new slimmer cowling and new front gear.


01.06.07 - Tall people also like to fly - At the Aero 2007 we realized that it is most urgent to establish in Europe the new weight limits of 600kgs take off weight. With this new limits the very spacey cabin becomes more and more important. This kind of discussion is not new and we can hope to see some development within the next year. We were astonished to see a 2.08m tall visitor inspecting our SC07 Speed Cruiser and he finally took place in the cabin. The headroom left was 5-10cm, although we didn't change the seat position or the pedals. For taller or smaller pilots we will be pleased to adjust the seats according to the pilots requirement. In any case there is room enough.


26.04.07 - Aero 2007 in Friedrichshafen - The exhibition in Friedrichshafen came much too early for us. But as this fair is probably one of the most important in Europe, we had to be there, although the SC07 was not really ready to show.

Nevertheless, the interested pilots closed their eyes in regard of the unfinished details. The general feed back on the other side was great and very positive. The fact, that the SC07 is a high wing construction with cantilevered wings, makes it to be something very special anyway. But further the SC07 is very spacey, gives you a good view to all sides and is suitable for long distance flights. Last but not least, the SC07 can be used for pilot trainee, which guarantee any pilot a stress free flight, even if he is not a professional test pilot.

One of the most important steps in the future will be the German type certification. But we have to manage and to solve a few other points, as for example:

  • We will change a few things at our engine to be able to redesign the cowling, in order to adapt it to the general line of the fuselage.
  • The interior will be brought to the actual state of the art, but keeping a decoration with fibre or leather,
  • We will work out with a new Plexiglas producer new windshields and windows,
  • The doors will be redesigned completely and will get new locks and hinges.
  • The roof will get a window, etc.

just to name a few of them.

Over all the Aero 2007 was successful, exhausting but also funny for us. We met surely a few of our future customers, and some others may have postponed the signing of a contract until they can see the results of our efforts, just to be sure to buy the right aircraft. Here we would like to thank all our visitors for their interest and are looking forward to seeing you at another fair.


01.03.07 - First of all, we would like to apologize for this long time of silence. You have certainly seen, that the name of the company as well as the name of our aircraft has been changed. To tell you straight away, a few importers became producers.

We, these are the former importers of Bilsam for Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, joined our forces and founded the new company B.O.T. Aircraft Ltd. Our assignment is to develop and to produce the SC07, based on the well known Sky Cruiser, and to sell it world wide but with a concentration on Europe at first.

As we are all passionate pilots our target is to produce an aircraft which could satisfy our own very high demands. For this reason the SC07 should be:

  • able to satisfy the very exigent European customer, especially in regard of the finish
  • capable to fulfil all different rules and norms existing on the European market
  • made in Germany
  • without compromise in regard of the passive and active security
  • attractive price-wise

For the time being we are preparing the last moulds and tools for the serial production. Actually we have 3 aircraft. The German one is used for the type registration process in Germany, which should be finished by mid 2007. The other 2 SC07, which are registered in France, are used for test flights and to present the SC07 at the air show in Friedrichshafen, the Aero 07, taking place from 19th till 22nd April. You are welcome to visit us at the stand 423 in the hall B3.

E-Mail: – Tel.: +41 79 611 48 09