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01.09.2015 - Explosives saving lives – in cooperation with the German TV channel under the broadcast GALILEO a report has been shown on 7th. September 2015 with the subject to demonstrate the use of explosives in airplane dedicated to save lives. The rescue system used in this report is a Junkers Profly Magnum.


13.04.2015 - Glider simulator - We developed in cooperation with the glider flight school Oerlinghausen a new and most probably worldwide unique simulator for gliders. The flight school, one of the biggest in Europe, has great experience and knowledge in regard of pilot training and are most competent to draw the requirements of such a simulator. With their help we created a very useful tool raising the training of future pilots to a totally new level.

Another client, a flight school in Belgium, is using our Ultra-Light simulator to train pilots since beginning of 2014 with great success. Their experience is a proof that using our simulator as a training tool is possible and enables to bring a pilot using almost only the simulator to a level which enables them to get their licence. For example; one trainee made 18,5 hours on the simulator and one hour on a real airplane, and then he passed his licence. Even more, 3 weeks later he had an engine failure problem (loss of power) and he managed this situation like an old trump. With the routine of a pilot having trained this situation, he checked out all possibilities, find out that there can’t be done anything, figured out his loss of altitude and found that he should be able to reach the airfield under certain circumstances. He set the airplane to the required configuration and landed safely on the airfield. This was only because he trained such a situation in the simulator a few weeks earlier. It is clear that a normal pilot trainee couldn’t be trained for such situation on a real airplane. This shows that using a simulator on a “non-professional” field is absolutely justifiable.

Coming back to the glider simulator: With our glider simulator one can simulate towing by winches or by airplane; and this without taking care of the weather conditions or day time. Of course it is also easy to train emergency situations or simply let the trainee land a few times in less than 5 minutes, creating a great learning effect. The landscape is so good that a terrestrial navigation is possible and the future pilots are getting familiar with the terrain around the airfield. Of course one can use thermal effects to climb; and thousand more things. Since this glider is equipped with two seats, it is possible to train also instructors.

Please visit us at the booth (A1-500) of the glider flight school Oerlinghausen. There you will see the new glider simulator mounted on the new 3DOF platform and our Ultra-Light simulator (without motion) equipped with the new visual.


01.06.2014 - AERO 2014 – Successful exposition – We had the possibility to show during the AERO 2014 our new SC07 Speed Cruiser, for which we received in November 2013 the German certification. As a special feature we presented the new additional fin which is designed to give higher stability around the vertical axe. With an empty weight starting from 285kg (including radio, transponder and depending of the selected equipment) we are ready to satisfy the needs and demands of most ultra-light pilots. And this, we have to precise, with an aircraft able to be flown with a MTOW of 600kg under the LSA rules.

This year we had the pleasure to present our actual general aviation simulator. Our target was to include all the demands and requirements given to us during the AERO 2013. Now you will find in our simulator all main controls and equipment you may expect in a general aviation aircraft. One of the highlights was surely the visualisation. The quality and the ultra-high definition are unique and is available only in combination with one of our simulators.

Beside of our full motion simulator we could also show a fixed version, but with a luxury interior in leather as well as a instrumental panel equipped with a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit.

Another highlight was Gary Clark as a special guest on our booth, who is a worldwide known illustrator of comic strip. Especially his character “Dick Duck – the worst pilot the world” is well known in the aviation world. Gary Clark was during the entire air show, illustrating live single comic strips with contents related to our SC07 Speed Cruiser and our simulator.

We would like to thank all visitors for being passed by at our booth and for your interest.


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