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The innovative D-Motor engine
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General contractual Conditions

All in this site mentioned prices may be changed by the producer at any time and without any restrictions. Only prices, upon seller and buyer agreed in a signed contract, are binding after the first prepayment has been made. All prices are declared in Euro and only payment in Euro will be accepted.

Conditions of delivery
Agreed time of delivery is to be considered as indication only and may be delayed due to difficulties of third parties to deliver prime material, such as carbon fibres. Any delay of the delivery does not give the customer any right to claim.

In near future, the producer will, not apply for any type registration in Switzerland or in Austria, but is only responsible to have a registration according to the German law. It may be, that after having the German registration, the producer will apply for the registration in Switzerland or Austria. The SC07 has already a type registration in Italy and France. The French registration is the basis for the Spanish and Portuguese registration. In general, the type registration is under the responsibility of the respective importer, if not provided by the producer.

The buyer has to make a prepayment of 25% at the time of signing the contract. This prepayment is used to start the production of the ordered aircraft. The buyer has at any time the right, as per mutual agreement, to visit the producing mill to view the progress of his aircraft. At the time of ordering the engine and the instruments, the buyer has to make the second prepayment of 45%. The customer will receive a pre-advice of 14 days to effect this payment. Any delay of this payment will also cause a delay of the delivery, for which the producer cannot be held responsible. The last payment has to be made at the time of delivery of the aircraft.


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